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Chapter 448 In My Name, Unseal This Wand

At the Roth Empire in Chaos City, Abbott was situated in a conference chamber with a dozen or so young magic casters, and he put on a serious expression as he said, “In the match tomorrow, we don't have to worry about the Advanced Imperial Academy, but we have to defeat Chaos School—that's a promise I've made before coming here. However, all of you have to keep in mind that these are friendly sparring matches, so do not harm anyone with malicious intent. Otherwise, it will reflect very badly on our Magus Tower.”

“Those little brats from Chaos School can't even hold their wands properly. I can take care of them all by myself, so there's no need to worry about them. Also, battles are supposed to be dangerous; are we supposed to go easy on them?” Hank wore a dismissive expression on his face.

“Yeah, what if I unleash a spell, but I'm worried that they won't be able to handle it? Should I unleash the spell or not in that case?” George was rather perplexed.

All of the other young magic casters wore nonchalant expressions, clearly not expecting Chaos School to put up a fight at all.

“Use your full power in battle, but stop when it's apparent that you've secured victory, and don't intentionally hurt your opponents.” Abbott nodded with a serious expression as he said, “You're all some of the most powerful young magic casters of the Magus Tower, but don't look down on Chaos School. During the past matches that we've had with them, there have always been a few powerful students among their ranks, and Chaos School has even claimed the overall victory on five occasions in the past. A good magic caster never underestimates their opponent, and that is a lesson that I hope you won't have to learn the hard way.”

“Yes!” all of the young magic casters responded

in a serious manner.

However, Hank only gave a lazy reply, clearly brus.h.i.+ng off Abbott's words of caution as he fiddled around with the green wand in his hands. As a 4th-tier magic caster, he could crush all of the students in Chaos School—that was something that his master had told him.

Abbott nodded as he said, “We've been traveling for half a month, so everyone must be tired. Go and rest now. The match will be held tomorrow, so none of you are allowed to go out tonight.”

“Master, is the wand really purple?” Amy skipped along beside as she turned to look up at him.

“Of course it is. Master would never lie to you.” nodded in a resigned manner. That exact same conversation had been repeated many times during their trip home. Thankfully, they were close to Urien's magic potion shop already.

“Greetings, Princess Amy.” Black Coal greeted Amy in a respectful manner.

“h.e.l.lo Amy.” Green Pea also extended a greeting toward her.

“h.e.l.lo Black Coal, Green Pea.” Amy waved at the two birds before rus.h.i.+ng into the magic potion shop with an excited expression as she yelled, “Master Urien! I'm here for the wand! Is it ready yet?”

Xixi was holding a long-necked transparent gla.s.s beaker, within which green and red magic potions were slowly mixing with each other. She looked up at Amy with a smile, and said, “Little Amy, are lessons over for today?”

“Yes, Big Sister Xixi. I'm here for my wand; where's Master Urien?” Amy nodded as she looked up at Xixi with antic.i.p.ation in her eyes.

“Of course Little Amy's wand is ready. Have a look to see if you like it.” Before Xixi had a chance to respond, Urien's husky voice sounded from the other room, and he slowly emerged with a long black box in his hand.

“Quit trying to create suspense, you old fart! Hurry up and show us.” pursed his lips at the sight of the box in Urien's hand.

“Master” Xixi extended a grateful bow toward She was also looking at the box in Urien's hand with a curious gaze. That was a wand that had been crafted by three 10-tier magic casters; she was really looking forward to seeing what it looked like.

“Can I see it?” Amy's eyes had completely lit up at the sight of the box.

“Of course.” Urien handed the black box over to Amy.

Amy carefully accepted the box, and placed it gently on the chair beside her. She blew on her hands with antic.i.p.ation in her eyes before slowly opening the box.

A purple light emanated from the box, s.h.i.+ning directly onto the ceiling. The image created was that of a half-elf girl—the exact same one as on the roujiamo bags from Mamy Restaurant. Faint purple light glowed from the box, within which was sitting a blackish-purple wand that was about 30 centimeters in length. The wand slowly tapered from the bottom to the top, and its surface was as smooth as jade.

At the end of the wand's handle was a dazzling purplish-golden crystal that appeared to be like a beautiful eye. The light that was s.h.i.+ning upon the ceiling was projected directly from that eye.

Below that purplish-golden eye was a slightly smaller crystal with many facets. It was just as dazzling and eye-catching, just as if it were a purple diamond.


Amy's mouth gaped open in surprise and elation as she stared at the wand in the box. Her bright blue eyes were practically glowing, and only after a long while did she look up at Urien with incredulity in her eyes as she asked, “Is… Is this really for me?”

“Of course. We've made it specifically for Little Amy.” A faint smile appeared on Urien's face. He had expended a lot of time and energy to create this wand, but it was all worth it when he saw the elated expression on Amy's face.

“What a beautiful wand. Is it made from black purple magic crystal? That's said to be a supreme-grade wand material with the greatest affinity for magic, and there are no more than three such wands on the entire continent. In conjunction with the eye of the Purple Gold Blaze Bird… This wand is incredible!” Xixi was also completely dumbstruck.

“Pick up the wand, Little Amy. I'll teach you the chant required to unseal the wand,” said with a smile.

“Alright, I'll give it a try.” Amy carefully extricated the wand from its box, and she found that it was smooth and cool to the touch. It had a very solid feel to it, but it wasn't heavy in the slightest, and she could easily wave the wand around with a single hand.

The projection from the Purple Gold Blaze Bird's eye disappeared from the moment Amy closed her hand around the wand, and the purplish-golden light crackled within the eye instead, making it appear as if arcs of electricity were converging within.

“In my name, unseal this wand…” Amy chanted in a faint voice as she closed her eyes, and purplish-golden light erupted from the Purple Gold Blaze Bird's eye, completely enveloping her body.

Amy stopped chanting, and the light instantly faded. Amy was revealed with a purple staff that was close to two meters in length in her hand.