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Chapter 450 Queen Amy's Wand

It was also the first time that Mag had ever seen a wand that could shrink and expand. He didn't think that and Urien really would make Amy a wand like this just to avoid the inconvenience of having to carry a wand and a staff at once.

Yabemiya looked at the wand in Amy's hand, and murmured, “What a wonderful wand! And it's so beautiful too.”

This is most likely one of the best wands on the entire Norland Continent. The materials used and the symbols carved on it by the three 10th-tier magic casters are all of the highest caliber. It would definitely be able to earn a high berth on the continent's wand rankings board. Sally was also amazed.

As a 7th-tier magic caster, she was naturally well aware just how beneficial a high-quality wand could be to a magic caster. Her wand had been given to her by her father, and it had been inherited from a legendary magic caster of the elven race. The wand was able to enhance the power of her magic by 10%.

10% didn't appear to be a significant improvement, but in a battle between magic casters of the same tier, that 10% enhancement gave her an insurmountable advantage.

Furthermore, as her spiritual power became more potent, the extent of that enhancement effect still could potentially increase. External sources of enhancement always had a very p.r.o.nounced effect on a magic caster's power.

She had heard many legends about the oracle stone in the past, and while its clairvoyant ability had never been verified, it was certainly true that it could randomly enhance the power of spells by severalfold. The only downside was that it was completely random and haphazardous, so it was outside of the wielder's control. Among its past wielders, it was said that some had even had the power of their spells enhanced by tenfold through the effect of the oracle stone.

That legendary stone now adorned Amy's wand, which confirmed the rumors speculating that Urien possessed the oracle stone.

“Father, what's the Monkey King's golden staff?” Amy shrank the wand again before looking up at Mag with curiosity in her eyes.

“It's also a legendary wand.” Mag gave an awkward laugh in response. He had blurted the name out without thinking; it was actually quite difficult to explain.

“My wand doesn't have a name yet, but it can also expand or shrink, so can I call it Queen Amy's wand?” Amy's eyes lit up as that notion occurred to her.

“Hmm, that's not a bad name.” Mag nodded with a smile. A thought suddenly struck him, and he smiled as he said, “Seeing as the wand has a name now, shouldn't you also invent a chant for its transformation?”

Amy looked very adorkable holding her ma.s.sive staff, so Mag was looking forward to seeing what kind of chant she would come up with.

“A chant?” Amy thought about it for a moment before looking at her wand with a serious expression as she said, “Waaah, Queen Amy's wand, transform!”

Purple light flashed, and the tiny little stick suddenly transformed into a beautiful wand!


Yabemiya immediately burst into laughter.

Sally was also finding it difficult to keep a straight face.

“Not bad.” Mag nodded with a smile. The “waaah” part was most likely the key to the chant. It was so adorable that it was almost illegal. Hopefully, Amy wouldn't feel embarra.s.sed by her chant years down the track.

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling was pacing around Amy, looking up at her wand with a curious expression.

Amy stowed away her wand before picking up Ugly Duckling as she spoke, “By the way, Father, Master says that I have to beat up some bad people from the Magus Tower tomorrow. Master told me to defeat all of them.”

“The Magus Tower?” Mag raised an eyebrow upon hearing that. He didn't think that he would hear that name so soon. Back when Mag Alex had been ambushed, most of his a.s.sailants were magic casters from the Magus Tower. All of the elven magic casters only looked without attacking, while the magic casters from the Magus Tower had done most of the dirty work.

Of course, Mag wasn't foolish enough to believe that the elves were actually on his side. It was just that they had already gathered enough forces to kill him, so they didn't have to do anything.

Only a small handful of people from the Magus Tower was aware of this information, but once they heard news about Amy, they would most likely begin to take notice of her.

However, three years ago, Amy was still a tiny little infant who looked completely different compared to her current appearance. Furthermore, prior to leaving Rodu three years ago, Mag Alex had fabricated evidence suggesting that he had committed suicide, and completely changed his appearance at the same time. As such, no one would be able to identify him as Mag Alex just by looking at him.

Mag knew that countless people were trying to verify whether Mag Alex had actually died. Regardless of whether it was the second prince, who had the Magus Tower as his backer, or the eldest prince, whose influence in the army was growing day by day, neither of them would allow someone as volatile as Mag Alex to appear again.

At the very least, the two princes were evenly matched at present. However, if Mag Alex were to reappear, then the battle for the throne would be thrown into complete turmoil.

Neither the eldest prince nor the second prince were confident that Mag Alex would side with them, which was they had joined forces for once to ensure his death.

Both of them were simply overthinking things. In reality, when Mag Alex left the army to travel the continent, that was an indication that he didn't want to play any role in the battle for the throne. He didn't like the violent eldest prince, nor the pretentious second prince, so he remained neutral on the matter, and chose to live a carefree life. He didn't care who would become the king in the end. However, those idiots simply wouldn't allow him to live his life as he wanted. If a chance arises in the future, I'll make sure that neither of them will become the king, Mag thought to himself before turning to Amy with a smile as he said, “Did Master tell you how many people you have to beat?”

“No.” Amy shook her head. She was a little perplexed by this question, and asked, “Why does that matter? No matter how many of them there are, don't I just have to beat up all of them?”

“Yes, that's the way to go.” Mag nodded with a smile. It appeared that Amy was slowly beginning to bare her fangs, albeit she seemed to be doing it unintentionally at the moment.

However, seeing as encouraged Amy to partic.i.p.ate in battle, he surely had a lot of confidence in her. Amy was able to defeat a 3rd-tier magic caster with her fireball magic in the past, so taking care of the little brats from the Magus Tower shouldn't be an issue.

“Alright, go wash your hands so we can eat.” Mag patted Amy's little head. He had some questions that he wanted to ask, and he was also going to be present during Amy's battles. The people from the Magus Tower were a sinister bunch, and it was always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with them.