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"Tsk tsk tsk. You're being a brat baby girl." He said before walking over to my bed and took my arms, pinning me down.

"Jerome we can't..."

"Why? You're in my house... You're my property sweetheart." He said and leaned his head down, laying soft kisses on my neck.

"No... No, no, no, I don't want to be seen as some play toy, or owned by another person Jerome." I said, struggling to free my arms. Jerome stopped what he was doing and his eyes met mine. All the over whelming series of events had finally come to me and before the tears even made their way down my face, Jerome wiped them away.

"Baby I'm sorry."

"Don't call me that.."

".....Paris.. I'm sorry. I never wanted you to feel overwhelmed. This is just going to make it worse.."

"Make what worse?" I asked as he finally released my arms and then sat beside me.

"Harris doesn't want to share you. He wants you to choose between the three of us." He said and I froze.

"W-W-What do you mean.. I-I'm not choosing!" I said and the room got colder. I got up and took a step on my bad foot and fell forward, reaching for the door as balance. The bed shifted as Jeromes steps neared me.

"No. Don't, or so help me G.o.d." I said and he stopped. I got my strength and balance then hopped into the living room, and the sight I saw made me feel even worse. My body went numb and I blacked out.

Nicholas' POV

I walked through the door and my heart dropped. Paris was on the floor and Carrie was standing over her. How did she even get in here?! Jerome texted me that he brought Paris home so that's not what I was worried about. My actions got the best of me, and I grabbed Carrie and slammed her against the wall.

"What the f.u.c.k did you do Carrie."

"Mmm just startled her after a pretty heated moment.." She said before reaching her arms up and around my neck. I turned towards Harrison and he could see the fire in my eyes and he grabbed me off her before I did something stupid.

"Get the f.u.c.k out of our house." Harris said before grabbing her arm and literally throwing her out. Jerome finally came out after the ruckus and saw the scene.

"Woah, what the h.e.l.l happened?"

"Are you just now seeing her like this?!" I yelled, picking her up and cradling her body against me.

"I kinda sorta pa.s.sed out so yeah...." he said and my anger was only rising.

"Are we gonna stand here and argue or take the d.a.m.n girl to the hospital." Harris said before taking Paris out of my arms. I might have lost my s.h.i.t. A little bit..... Ok a lot a bit. I shoved pa.s.sed Harris and took Paris back in my arms and walked out of the house, and into my car.




"Got it."


"..Till she makes her decision at least..." I said, not wanting to claim her against her own will while she was unconscious. Harris and Jerome got in the car with me and Harris per usual drove. When we got to the hospital I practically ran in with her and the clerk and I were having an argument over the fact that Paris needed to get in NOW. Apparently, being pa.s.sed out isn't considered an emergency that needs immediate a.s.sistance. f.u.c.king swines...

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait."

"Bull s.h.i.t I will." I said before storming off towards a doctor that was waiting for their next patient. I explained the situation and they took her in immediately. But... We had to play the waiting game. I sat in that waiting room for two hours. When we were finally allowed to go in and see her, the sight I saw almost broke me. She was so pale, her arms were bruised, and she just looked like she wanted to sleep. I pulled the chair Jerome was about to sit in and sat right beside her hospital bed and took her hand in mine.

"Paris..." I said softly and she turned to meet my gaze and her soft smile made all the events of the nights disappear. I smiled back and hadn't even realized a tear fell from my eye.

"Aww Nicky, don't cry." She said while wiping the tear from my cheek, but her voice was frail and weak.

"Sure little one." I said in response and her cheeks flushed red.

"But... What happened?" I asked and her face flashed with conflict before she adjusted herself to sit up right.

"I don't know. I left my room after..." She paused and looked at Jerome.

"Yeah.. And then I went into the living room and Carrie was there sitting on the couch and I think all the events from the night before and what had just happened got to me.." She said and I looked at Jerome.

"What happened with Jerome? Hm?" I said, narrowing my gaze at him.

"I just told her about how she has to choose between us..."

"YOU WHAT?!" Harris and I yelled at the exact same time.

"Are you stupid?"

"We were going to tell her at the exact same time you jacka.s.s." I finished before turning back to Paris.

"You can choose when you're ready Paris, we're not gonna force yo-"

"I already picked..." She said and Jerome and Harris practically jumped onto her bed.

"Guys!" I yelled and the two looked at me then got off.

"Well go ahead Paris." Harris said, rushing her.

"I choose Nicholas.."