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"How strong is the old one you speak of?"

'My old one is very strong, but the ancient ones are king.'

"Describe these ancient ones you keep mentioning," I said as I pondered on the power structure of this Lower World.

'I know from my old one there are many ancient ones in the world, they are king. Even the strong old ones have to run or prostrate when in their presence,' said Chubs with a hint of reverence for the ancient ones.

I pointed up to the Pterodactyl soaring in the sky.

"Is that an ancient one?" I said.

'No, that's an old one,' said Chubs, shaking his head.

I got confused when he described the Pterodactyl as an old one; it was a different species than him. These savage beasts were stranger than I originally thought.

'We dignify old ones. Some are friendly while many are not. That old one is a friend of my old one. He told me to come here while he was being chased by the ancient one,' said Chubs.

"I think I get it now, you keep calling yourself a young one? They must be cultivation realms for savage beasts. What do you know besides old one and ancient one?'

'There's hatched one, new one, young One, grown one, old one, and ancient one,' said Chubs.

"How do you guys get stronger? Do you savage beasts cultivate?" I said.

'We get stronger with age, some species faster than others,' said Chubs seemingly unfamiliar with cultivation.

'Ancient ones can even change to look similar to you, but no one would mistake you for an ancient one. An ancient one's aura is unquestionable, and their dignity is profound. They would never withdraw their aura,' said Chubs.

"You seem very knowledgeable even though you couldn't speak before," I said.

'My old one has taught me since I was a hatched one, although I couldn't speak I could understand his meaning,' said Chubs.

"Fascinating, no wonder this is a world filled with so many precious herbs. You guys don��t use them to get stronger, they can thrive as long as there's not a glutton like you going around," I said shaking my head.

"This world has been strangely peaceful since I've gotten here, is it because I've been with you?" I said.

'I have an old one's mark,' said Chubs as motioned at a scale on his back. When I examined the scale, I noticed a strange aura about it. It was the aura of a Count, it reminded me of my Great-Grandfather.

'They might beat me up but no one would dare kill me with my old one's mark,' said Chubs proudly.

No wonder he was so bold when I was chasing him before he even had full intelligence. This little s.h.i.t had been going around doing whatever he wanted with that old one's mark. He didn't think anyone would dare kill him. He was a full-blown useless third generation, much like me during my youth.

"Do you know where your old one is?" I said.

'No, he will find me once he escapes the ancient one. That's what his marks for,' said Chubs.

"Interesting," I said as my back drenched with cold sweat.

Good thing I didn't execute this beast, I would have really brought a calamity onto myself. The wrath of a Count level savage beast was not something I could to deal with. Luckily this young devil lord was magnanimous enlightening the, bringing light to where there was once darkness.

That old Count might even reward me when he finds his little one. I slept soundly that night, dreaming about what type of reward I could get from his old one.

I woke up feeling refreshed.

"So where should we go if I want to kill some things?" I said to Chubs after hoping on his back.

"Are you turning my grandson to a wayward path devil," said a dignified old voice as a powerful pressure descended on me.

I looked up and saw a ma.s.sive Stegosaurus walking into the valley; he was probably the biggest creature I had ever seen. He had fresh scars on his side from battle, but he seemed to have escaped tragedy.

I got off Chubs and bowed to the old savage beast.

"No, this young lord is attempting to practice his Slaughter Dao. This junior has enlightened your young one senior," I said as I almost kneeled from the pressure.

'Grandfather!' said Chubs.

"You can speak now, little one?" said the huge Stegosaurus as he released his pressure on me.

'Yes, young lord has helped me. Although it was painful, he helped me refine the Blue Dahlia you let me eat before,' said Chubs.

"Ha ha, good my grandson has a chance of reaching ancient one," said the old savage beast as his voice echoed through the lands.

A smile crept on my face as I heard the colossal savage beast's praise. This young lord is about to get a reward from a Count. I was already counting up whatever he planned to give me.

"Old ones aren't allowed to interfere in your trial devil, so don't expect any reward from me," said the gigantic savage beast seeming to see my intentions.

Why were all old creatures no matter the race wily old foxes? If you're too cheap to give this young lord a reward just say so. Don't go about saying it's 'because of the trial', 'it will affect your dao path', or 'it will entangle you with too much karma'. Old people have no shame.

"What happened to the ancient one that was chasing you?" I said.

"That ancient fool didn't end up any better than me," said the savage beast with pride.

"This Pterodactyls territory is considered a trial land while you are here. Ancient ones are strictly forbidden from coming into trial lands. Because of my fear of the ancient one coming back for revenge, I have no choice but to leave my little one in your care while I reclaim my land. Do not go around abusing the fact he has my old one's mark since I can't bring him with me," said the savage beast as he looked at me sharply.

I nodded my head in understanding, he was basically giving me a free pa.s.s to abuse his status as a reward. Even though he technically couldn't help me, the fact I was 'watching' his grandson would be reason enough for me to go domineeringly through this trial land collecting herbs. No savage beast would dare utter a fart after they felt the old one's mark.

This young devil lord wanted to stand on his own two feet, but this five-year trial had danger at every turn. To abuse the status of others was the proper way to handle this situation. Luckily this young lord was an expert at such things, although it was a bit shameful this young lord valued his life more than his pride.


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