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Chapter 5: Mutated Monstrous Beast
The corpse of Elder Brother Hu contained more low-grade spirit stones than the other three, it had three low-grade spirit stones, it can be considered a small fortune in terms of income.

These so-called spirit stones indeed acc.u.mulate the Yuan Qi of Heaven and Earth within them, martial artists can absorb Yuan Qi from the stones to cultivate, to gain twice the effect for half the work.

Spirit stones are divided into 5 grades, namely: inferior-grade spirit-stones, low-grade spirit stones, mid-grade spirit stones, high-grade spirit stones and top-grade spirit stones.

Inferior-grade spirit stones are the most useful for Qi Sea martial artists, a peak 7th Qi Sea martial artist, he can probably absorb 7 inferior-grade spirit stones, or one low-grade spirit stone for the value of 5 sect contribution points.

In comparison, low-grade spirit stones are very precious, 100 inferior-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for a low-grade spirit stone.

As for mid-grade and top-grade spirit stones, there is no need to say, naturally only high level martial artists have the need for them.

Although Jiang Chen currently can’t use spirit stones, however they will certainly be useful later, Jiang Chen was confident that he will certainly be able to fix his own broken Qi Sea.

These three low grade spirit stones are certainly valuable, but even more valuable is the jade pendant on Elder Brother Hu’s body, this jade pendant is a strange treasure, as long as Jiang Chen pours his Zhen qi into it, the jade pendant will automatically create a protective Zhen Qi defence, the jade pendant’s ability to send out the aroused protective Zhen qi can be maintained for a single breath, it certainly can’t be maintained for a long time.

“Four peak Qi Sea layer martial artists failed to stop you, Jiang Chen, I have underestimated you.”

In the pavilion upstairs, a youngster was drinking tea, this youngster was wearing a cyan brocade robe, he looked very handsome, with sword-like eyebrows, just by comparing appearances, he and Jiang Chen looked alike.

“Good bye! until next time, the disparity between us will continue to increase, I hope you don’t fall in despair.”

The youngster’s mouth angled, exposing a ponderous expression.

The Silent Mountain Range is huge, from north to south the distance is 800 li long, around six hundred people were inside here, it was quite easy to lose one’s bearings en route, only by observing the sun or the stars could one possibly keep from getting lost.

In the depths of Silent mountain range.

Here, 1-star high-level beasts could be found everywhere, their strength ranged between peak 7th-9th martial artists, if there was the slightest mistake, one will end up in the beast’s mouth.

A Black Wind Panther was madly rushing, a fishy smell was everywhere.

A Black Wind Panther is a high level beast, its strength is equivalent to that of a peak 9th Qi Sea martial artist, while its defense was many times greater than a peak 9th Qi Sea level martial artist, Jiang Chen couldn’t kill it after 10 consecutive blows, instead it grew even more frantic, the b.l.o.o.d.y beast rose again, emitting a terrifying qi.

At this moment, if any other outer sect disciple was here, the Black Wind Leopard would have overwhelmed their minds a long time ago, they would only be able to bring forth seven to eight-tenths (7-8/10) of their full strength, or perhaps even less.

Facing the maddened Black Wind Panther, Jiang Chen indifferently held his sword, another sword blow greeted the body of the panther.

While practicing martial arts, it’s important to first train the heart, if the heart isn’t strong enough, in a hostile environment, one will be incapable of displaying his full strength, if the heart isn’t strong enough, one will panic after encountering powerful enemies or powerful beasts, perhaps even losing their lives.

A loud wail resounded!

Finally, the Black Wind Panther fell to the ground, blood staining the earth.
After it’s death, the Black Wind Panther’s defence disappeared, Jiang Chen easily cut open the abdomen of the beast, finding a large longan-sized crystal inside. (longan:

Monstrous beast crystals are precious materials that can be used to forge weapons and refine pills, etc., but not every monstrous beast has a crystal, if one is suffering from bad luck, perhaps not even a single crystal could be found after killing 10 beasts, if one has good luck, a crystal would be found after killing only one beast.

A high level 1-star monstrous beast crystal, he could exchange 500 sect contribution points for it, equivalent to 100 low-grade spirit stones.

“One year without battle, even though my sword technique has increased, with the Void Sword Body I have reached the ‘one with the sword’ realm, due to lack of actual combat, there are several flaws in my technique.”

If one doesn’t partic.i.p.ate in life and death battles, one will not be able to understand one’s own sword technique and understand it’s deficiencies, but if a person experiences life and death battles, even if his talent in martial arts is poor, he will still be able to comprehend a hint of the essence of martial arts, in other words, the root of martial arts stems from killing, naturally martial arts will be perfected in battles, transformation.

After recovering from combat, Jiang Chen’s sword once again pierced headlong into 1-star high level monstrous beasts, the efficiency of his sword blows steadily rose.

Time pa.s.sed, every day Jiang Chen would fight monstrous beasts while every night he would perfect his Flowing Cloud sword technique, every day was substantial.

“In this month, I have killed 24 1-star high level monstrous beasts and 31 1-star mid level monstrous beasts, my strength is good enough to enter the core of the Silent mountain range.”

The core of the Silent mountain range is a very dangerous area, there is a possibility to encounter mutations of a 1-star high level beasts, there is also a possibility to encounter 2-star low-level beasts, the core area has unusually plentiful natural resources, if luck is good, there is a possibility to obtain 2-star herbs.

Jiang Chen’s luck was pretty good, half a day after he entered the core area, he found three 2-star mid-grade herbs: Blue Snake Gra.s.s, one herb was worth 500 sect contribution points, thus three herbs were worth 1500, could be exchanged for 300 low-grade spirit stones.

In the core area, Jiang Chen did not dare to even think of charging at a mutated 1-star high level monstrous beast, this is no fortuitous encounter, it could battle against a 1st rank peak Soaring Sky martial artist, to compare, if a Black Wind Panther can be compared to a common peak 9th Qi Sea martial artist, a mutated monstrous beast can be compared to a genius 9th Qi Sea martial artist, capable of jumping ranks in battle.

As for a 2-star low-level monstrous beast, encountering one was very risky, even if Jiang Chen had achieved the First Layer of the Void Sword Body, he wasn’t willing to provoke a 2-star low level monstrous beast, fortunately this was only a 1-star Forbidden Area, the possibility of a 2-star low level beast appearing was quite low, perhaps the sect’s inner sect disciples would have already beheaded them.

After walking for a while, Jiang Chen suddenly stopped, faintly, he felt the wind blowing, mixed within were the sounds of fighting.

“There is someone here?”

Following the sounds, Jiang Chen quietly approached.

Up ahead, there was a lushly forested basin, in the centre of the basin, six figures were engaging in close combat with a monstrous beast, waves of qi were surging.

The monstrous beast was in the shape of a wild boar, yet it was several times larger, it’s two buck-tooth were like two machetes, this monstrous beast’s body appeared majestic, on the monstrous beast’s body, longan sized crystals were embedded, these crystals incessantly flickered, offering the wild boar monstrous beast; formidable protection.

“A 1-star high-grade mutated monstrous beast.”

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, he saw a mutated monstrous beast in the Magical Jungle, a mutated monstrous beast wasn’t stupid like ordinary beasts, the crystals embedded on its body boosted its defense, making it hard to deal with, at that time he and Gu Qingyuan exhausted all their mental and physical facilities to simply escape.

These six people weren’t disciples from his sect, from their style of clothes, they appeared to be from the Cloud Sea Sect.

In the southern part of the East Mysterious Country, there were countless large and small sects, there were two other sects bordering his sect, one was the Righteous Bloodshed Sect and the other; Cloud Sea Sect, which surrounded both sides of the Three Stars Sect.
The martial artists were composed of four men and two women, their cultivation was quite high, three were at the peak 8th Qi Sea while two were at peak 9th Qi Sea.

In the end, it was after all a mutated monstrous beast, the 1-star high level mutated beast already possessed the strength of a peak 1st rank Soaring Sky.

“Senior sister Lin, I won’t be able to withstand this mutated boar for too long, this beast is stronger than we imagined.”

The younger girl was sweating, she panicked and looked to the side of the purple clothed woman, saying:

“Don’t be distracted.”

The purple clothed woman calmly glanced around, she found that everyone was quite exhausted, only she and Liu Changfeng could persist on, suddenly she saw that Jiang Chen wasn’t far away, her eyes lit up as she loudly spoke, “This friend, is it possible for you to help us kill this mutated boar monstrous beast, we can share the crystals half-half.”

Mutated monstrous beasts had a lot of crystals on their body, usually there were more than five, and the value of each crystal from a mutated beast was more than ordinary beasts of the same rank.

In this case they were also weaker than the mutated boar monstrous beast, if they had the help of one more person, even if it was a peak 5th Qi Sea warrior, they could break the stalemate and beat this giant toothed beast.

“I can help.”

Slightly hesitating, Jiang Chen nodded.

Drawing his sword, Jiang Chen joined the fray, a sword light swept the big toothed monster’s body.

In the time it took to drink a cup of tea, the big toothed monster gave a roar as it fell to the ground, giving vent to its anger.

“I myself am Lin Ziyuan, I humbly thank your distinguished self for your help just now. I am unaware of your distinguished self’s name.” Lin Ziyuan was a outer sect disciple of the Cloud Sea Sect, and could be considered a genius.
“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen replied.

“Jiang Chen, we agreed that half of this mutated boar monstrous beast’s crystals would go to you, you pick first!” Lin Ziyuan said.

Hearing this, Jiang Chen didn’t decline, a mutated 1-star high-grade beasts crystals are very precious, can be exchanged for 1000 sect contribution points, this mutated boar beast has at least 5-6 crystals, half of them would add to 3000 sect contribution points.

“Hold on, I don’t agree.”

Liu Changfeng loudly spoke.

Suddenly, all eyes turned to Liu Changfeng.

Liu Changfeng is one of the Cloud Sea sect’s outer sect disciples, in addition, Liu Changfeng is a direct descendant of the Liu clan, a large family in the Liu Yan city, which belongs to an old 2-star clan. As Liu Changfeng is a direct descendant of this clan, logically he should have no shortage of such mutated beast crystals.

“It’s something I don’t care about, but it is too good for him, we expended all our effort, for him to kill it with some effort and claim half of the mutated beast crystals, it isn’t appropriate at all, not to mention, he is simply a peak 6th Qi Sea warrior, he has no right to claim half of the mutated beast crystals.” Liu Changfeng said.

Lin Ziyuan’s eyebrows rose in challenge, “Liu Changfeng, if he didn’t help, we would certainly be injured, perhaps there would be fatalities, in exchange, half of the mutated beast crystals don’t matter. As for his cultivation level, it isn’t relevant!”

“Lin Ziyuan, your experience in the Jianghu is too small, if he wanted to help us, he should have come out as soon as possible if he was truly a capable individual, but it is clear that he was here to benefit without effort.”

“If I wanted to benefit without effort and ignore you, you would have suffered under the mutated boar beast.” Jiang Chen coldly said.

“Don’t quibble, from this mutated boar beast’s body crystals, you can only take one, this is to give face to Lin Ziyuan, otherwise, you can leave if you dare wish for more.” Liu Changfeng had a belittling tone.
“Liu Changfeng, you ……”

The stunned Lin Ziyuan looked at Liu Changfeng, frowning.

“No, I’ll leave.”
Jiang Chen sneered, he chose to leave, he wasn’t so poor that he would humble himself for mutated beast crystal, he could see that Liu Changfeng was unhappy with him, because he stole Liu Changfeng’s thunder, as for fighting Liu Changfeng for a few mutated beast crystals, Jiang Chen felt that it wasn’t worth it, unnecessary.