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Just then, Hazel felt the death of the Sickest she sent to distract Timothy's entourage. With this loss of her people always came the instinct to avenge, just like a mother would if she lost a child.

A sharp gasp escaped Hazel's lips as she fought back tears. What had she done? How selfish and desperate she was. She had sent them there, for what? To be killed?

They were people once too! They had feelings and thoughts. What kind of horrible ruler would do this?

Timothy continued to stare at the girl as her mind and emotions changed. She seemed to be having a break down of some sort.

"But why?" Timothy thought, "I mean just a few moments ago, she seemed fine."

"Aaagghhhhhh!" Hazel screamed out to the world. Her past emotions mixed with the feelings of the fallen, making her mentally unstable.

"Get away now!!"

Just then, the men in the hazmat suits came rushing towards them. Seeing the infected before them, not a child survivor, made them pause for a moment.

"Has any other sick ever spoken before?" They all thought. This was indeed something new for them, and the whole base even. They had no information on this situation at all.

"Arg!" One of the men let out a wail of pain as he was pierced with a vine-like fungus.

This snapped the rest of the unharmed troops back to reality from their daze. This infected girl seemed dangerous. Not only could she talk, but she seemed to have control over the fungus itself. How were they gonna deal with her? She was different from all the others they'd met so far in the quarantine zone, that's for sure.

Timothy's escort readied their weapons and raised their guard as they prepared for another attack.

"You!" Hazel growled at the men in yellow. "You killed them! You murders!" She was enraged out of her mind. And just then those men seemed like the perfect target to vent it all on. She needed to calm down but she couldn't.

So filled with bloodl.u.s.t, she sent out wave after wave of attacks until all the men in hazmat suits were dead.

Their bodies could be seen lying upon the ruined streets of the town torn to pieces. There was blood and guts everywhere. The hazmat suits didn't stand a chance and were easily pierced and sliced, just like the men's tender flesh.

Due to their extensive damage to their bodies, they wouldn't be healed or turned my Hazel's fungus spores any time soon. They were dead and they weren't coming back.

Hazel's breathing was hard and labored. Some of them had managed to get a few shots in before they eternally perished from this world. Slowly regaining her sanity as the emotions faded, she once again looked for the boy named Timothy.

Hiding behind the rubble and ruins of a mini mart convenient store, Timothy had watched the whole thing transpire between the wall cracks. He was traumatized to say the least. What he once thought of Hazel was now changed. To him now, she was nothing but a cold blooded killer.

And he started to run, needing to tell the base officials everything that had happened there today in the quarantine zone...


*********** End Of Chapter ************