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Chapter 1504 - Water Glory Purgation

"Just now it was very dangerous, if I was stuck any longer than that, then it would be a serious problem." Li Gun felt a dangerous feeling, if he had been caught in the wave just now, he would definitely have suffered some injuries.

"This fellow, his abilities are very strange." Li Gun felt that Li Jingyi abilities were very strange, this woman's technique and skills were abnormal.

"Sky Wind Giant Blade" Li Gun raised his right hand up, as Li Gun did that, a large amount of wind started to gather.

The wind made a terrifying huge sword, the size of this sword was very long, it was able to cut anything that was several miles away.

"Prepare to meet your creator" Li Gun said to Li Jingyi, he told Li Jingyi to meet creator.

Li Jingyi raised one of her hands up, Li Jingyi made something really big using her water power.

Li Jingyi made a s.h.i.+eld of enormous size, she intended to block this attack by using a s.h.i.+eld.

The opponent of the sword was a s.h.i.+eld, Li Jingyi idea was not bad to withstand Li Gun's attacks.

"It's useless, I will cut it" Li Gun said that he would cut the water s.h.i.+eld made by Li Jingyi.

Li Gun swung his arm, he slashed towards Li Jingyi, even though it looked big, Li Gun didn't seem to have any trouble swinging this thing, Li Gun was still very easy and swung the Sky Wind Giant Blade.

" Bang . ." when Li Gun's attack met Li Jingyi's s.h.i.+eld defense, there was a very strong crash, Li Jingyi's water s.h.i.+eld was quite strong, it was able to withstand Li Gun's attack.

Li Gun did not expect that Li Jingyi would be able to withstand his attack, even though he had used his full strength in his swing.

"I can't believe she blocked my attack, I can definitely break through" Li Gun didn't believe that Li Jingyi was able to completely stop his attack, that's why Li Gun tried even more to break through Li Jingyi defense.

As Li Gun got serious, the wind blade started to slowly pierce through Li Jingyi s.h.i.+eld, it seemed that Li Jingyi defense was at its limit.

"Hahaha, Dead. . ." Li Gun laughed, he laughed when he saw Li Jingyi's defense was starting to erode.

Seeing her defenses starting to erode, Li Jingyi decided to retreat, she avoided Li Gun's attack.

"Slash" Li Gun's slashed through Li Jingyi's water s.h.i.+eld, it also slashed the floor beneath Li Jingyi.

"Why are you running, are you afraid of me. . . . ., hahahaha" Li Gun laughed when he saw Li Jingyi running away, he felt that he had achieved a sweet victory.

"Not really, I just dodged it because I wanted to." Li Jingyi said the reason why she dodged the attack just now.

"You are really bad, you are the same as your stupid partner" Li Gun felt that Li Jingyi was the same as Ye Chen, these two people were a stupid couple.

Ever since getting along with Ye Chen, Li Jingyi had naturally begun to change, she had come to know how to deal with an arrogant enemy like Li Gun.

"You were still very lucky because I wasn't too serious, now I will be serious and start killing you, be prepared" Li Gun regained his confidence, he was ready to face Li Jingyi.

Li Gun again swung the giant wind sword in his right hand, this time he was going to directly attack Li Jingyi.

Li Gun's attack was much faster than before, this attack looked much more lethal than the previous one.

  "slash" Li Gun hit Li Jingyi, Li Jingyi's body was easily cut off by Li Gun's attack.

"Hahaha" Li Gun started to celebrate the victory, he had now completely won over Li Jingyi.

Some time after cutting Li Jingyi, Li Gun found something very strange, he found Li Jingyi's body turned into water.

"s.h.i.+t" Li Gun cursed very loudly, it seemed that what he had just attacked was just a subst.i.tute body made by Li Jingyi.

"where is the real one" Li Gun looked for the whereabouts of the real Li Jingyi, the real Li Jingyi should not be far from this place.

"Are you looking for me?" Li Jingyi appeared beside Li Gun, she immediately attacked Li Gun who was in front of her.

Li Gun wasn't prepared for Li Jingyi sudden arrival, he didn't have time to dodge Li Jingyi attack.

Seeing that there was no time to dodge, Li Gun decided to use his hands to block Li Jingyi attack.

Li Jingyi attack took the form of water, it directly hit Li Gun's arm and sent Li Gun flying away.

Li Gun was flung hundreds of meters away, he used both legs to support his body.

"d.a.m.n, how can you be so careless" Li Gun cursed very loudly, he was too reckless from being hit by Li Jingyi attack.

"Strange, why doesn't it hurt" Li Gun started to feel strange with Li Jingyi attack, somehow Li Jingyi attack didn't hurt him.

Li Gun felt no pain when he received the attack that came from Li Jingyi.

Li Gun looked at his wound, he wanted to know if there was a bruise or not on his arm.

When Li Gun looked at his arm, he found a fairly wide wound, strangely there was no blood coming out, not even any pain in this.

"Oi, Oi, what is this?" Li Gun started to look confused, how could he not feel anything from his wound.

"This is very, very strange" Li Gun began to feel something odd, how could this happen.

Li Jingyi stepped forward, she reappeared near Li Gun.

Li Gun was on high alert, he immediately took a defensive stance when he saw Li Jingyi advancing.

"Let's end it all" Li Jingyi wanted to end it all, it was time to end it all.

"Do you think it's young to end this all" Li Gun smiled with a disdainful face, this battle is still not over, he hasn't fully shown his ace yet.

"Water Glory Purgation" Li Jingyi used his supreme skill, this was the most terrifying attack of Ancient Water Glory Art.

Around Li Jingyi appeared extremely pure water, the purity of this water was so extraordinary, its radiance alone made people feel amazed.

"What's that?" Li Gun's soul began to tremble slightly when he felt the radiance of the water around Li Jingyi.

"I have to do something" Seeing the unexpected happen, Li Gun decided to use his ace.

"Immortal Sky domain" Li Gun used his trump card, he opened a very large domain.

This domain was enormous, it covered almost the entire Immortal Sky Empire, the Immortal Sky Empire was enveloped in green wind and looked darker than usual.

Ye Chen who was fighting felt a change, he saw that someone opened a rather large domain.

This domain makes it difficult for people within it to move, this is because there is a wind pressure that makes one unable to move freely.

"I will immediately make you disappear from this world" Li Gun said that he would make Li Jingyi disappear from this world.

Now that Li Jingyi was in his own domain, a snap of a finger could make Li Jingyi disappear from this world.

"Don't regret what you said." Li Jingyi stretched his palm forward, Li Jingyi shot a drop of Water Glory Purgation water at Li Gun.

Li Gun just smiled at what Li Jingyi did, this woman was so stupid.