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Hahaha, this little girl is just too amusing!
When other people come to beg the G.o.dly Doctor for help they kneel outside anxiously for three days. But she’s actually enjoying it! She even hunted a pigeon and spit roasted it over the fire.
When other people see the G.o.dly Doctor they bow down low with their heads on the ground, plea, cry, beg, and do everything they can.
She on the other hand,  overwhelmed by the charm and pheromones, started to drool when she saw him!
Although he always hated these excessively kind and selfless idiots, this little beauty’s “l.u.s.tful” and ditzy ways are just too hilarious!
A little peck on the mouth from time to time, a touch of her hands, an arm around her waist, makes him very happy ….
UNTIL, he found out that he’s getting charged for all of that!?
According to her profiteering ways of calculation he’s going to go bankrupt before the wedding night!
Heh heh heh, since his future sister-in-law is going to play dirty and play the badger game with him then he’s not holding back anymore. He’s going to use his invincible honey trap to make sure they lose oh so completely ….



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